Interesting Facts About Tag Heuer Watches

Tag Heuer watches have proved their excellence and expertise in making luxury watches time and again. The name of this brand is synonymous to luxury and class. But there are some less-known facts about these watches that make it even more interesting.


So, let’s check out some of these things!


  1. It Has Its Roots in Sporting

Edouard Heuer founded this company in the year 1860. The reputation of this company was built very soon and became well-known for their precision in time-keeping. Therefore, after a few innovations in its technicalities, the watch was being used for time-keeping for Olympic games during the 1920s. Additionally, in the year 1933, they also launched a dashboard stopwatch that was used in Sports cars.


  1. It Simplified the Chronograph

In the year 1887, Edouard Heuer developed oscillating pinion for the first time and patented it. It was a landmark invention, and it is still used by many different movement manufacturers today. The pinion played an essential role in simplifying the manufacturing, adjustment, assembly of watches while ensuring the reliability in timekeeping. Hence, the contributions of Tag Heuer to the industry is massive.


  1. It Was the First Swiss Watch That Went to Space

Not a commonly known fact but John Glenn went to space wearing a Tag Heuer watch. It served as a backup watch when he went to space. The watch is still kept in the museum named National Air & Space Museum in Washington DC. This happened in the year 1962.


  1. It Was the First Mechanical Stopwatch

The original Micrograph launched by Tag Heuer in 1916 was another massive achievement. It was officially the first mechanical stopwatch that was able to measure the 1/100th of a second. It was times faster than the original chronographs. Hence it was a leap from 36,000 VPH to 360,000 VPH. It brought about a big revolution in timekeeping and thus was the official watch for the Olympics of 1920.


  1. It Made Some Iconic Models Related to Automobile Racing  

The Carrera is one of the most famous models of Tag Heuer that was associated with car racing. The name ‘Carrera’ was given by Jack Heuer as soon as he took control of the company. He was inspired by the name ‘Carrera Panamericana’ in Mexico that has a dangerous race on public roads between the years 1950 to 1954. This watch received the status of being a cult watch because it could withstand all kinds of vibrations that drivers might experience during a car race. It was also perfectly legible despite all the on-road disturbances. Hence, it is one of the classic watches made by Tag Heuer.


Final Words

To sum up, Tag Heuer watches have made some major contributions in the watch industry apart from selling some ultra-classy luxury watches. Owning a Tag Heuer watch is a must for every watch enthusiast! So, when are you checking out the latest Tag Heuer collection for yourself? Buy one today and quench your thirst for a marvelous watch that goes with every occasion!